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The Concept

SFI SAS Paratrooper

The SPECIAL FORCES ISSUE (SFI) concept was conceived following discussions with former members of the UK Special Forces who were looking to produce a special tool watch as a vestige of their service.

With a view to achieving this task, a delegation of 14 former members was setup to design the watch. In the meetings that followed, the modern day requirements of the UK SF (desert, jungle, sea & snow) were considered and the requisite elements of the design firmly established.

Within this remit there was a keen sense to keep the design sympathetic to the historical models of the 1970s, particularly the Rolex Military Submariner. Using the latest model reference & coating technology to create a uniquely capable timepiece designed by former members of the UKSF & tested in the same rigorous conditions in which the modern UK SF currently operate. A watch that could in time achieve the same status as its predecessor.

Once approved on all levels, 2 variants of the watches were produced and made available to & exclusively acquired by badged members of the UKSF.

We are now delighted to be able to offer both versions of the SFI SC01 & SC02 to our clients via the SFI website (www.specialforcesissue.com) and our retail partners worldwide.

Model designation SFI SC01 & SFI SC02 have been exclusively designed, tested & are worn by former members of the UKSF elite.

Should you have an original Rolex 5513, 5513/17 or 5517 Mil sub which you would like to sell or receive a valuation for, please do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected]

The SFI Concept