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Q. Are SPECIAL FORCES ISSUE officially affiliated to any of the original watch brands offered via the website?

A. NO.  We are an independent company offering customizations in a non-official capacity to existing watch brands official watches.

Q. Do all of the customized watches sold via SPECIAL FORCES ISSUE use original manufacturer watches as base models?

A. YES. To ensure that we achieve the highest standard when creating new designs, we only use unworn or lightly worn pre-owned examples normally, not more than 2-3 years old.

Q. Can I provide my own watch to be customised?

A. NO.  SPECIAL FORCES ISSUE are a brand. We only customize watches that we supply.

Q. Will the modifications invalidate the official brand manufacturers’ guarantee?

A. YES.  We would expect so.  Therefore all brand manufacturers warranties are automatically transferred to SPECIAL FORCES ISSUE.  Our own team of experienced, skilled watchmakers/technicians will undertake any servicing requirements and provide an international guarantee of timekeeping for 1 year after the service is completed.  We would also be happy to resolve any problems should they arise with your watch at any other time.

Q. Will the original manufacturers box & guarantee be provided with my customized watch?

A. YES.  

Q. Are all the modifications advertised on the website tested before becoming available?

A. YES.  Without question, the modifications offered only become available once we have tested them extensively and are completely satisfied with the results. 

Q. Are SPECIAL FORCES ISSUE officially affiliated with any of the UK SF

A. NO.  SPECIAL FORCES ISSUE are an independent watch customisation company & not directly connected to the UK SF, nor do we have access to any names, numbers or sensitive information relating to the UK SF.